How to get ready for your service ?

Urban Care

Sit back and relax. Your request has been sent to Pro in your local area, as soon as they accept the job your booking is confirmed and you will receive an email notification. 

The Platform
Message/call your Pro, manage your bookings, you can rate and review, see your booking details, payments. You can track your Pro via the app online.


Access to your Home 

You can leave a special note at the time of booking how to access the property, where they can find keys, alarm code, pets at the property, lock code, etc. Just ensure to let your Pro know in advance via app SMS.


Cleaning Products/Tools

The cleaner will bring there own eco chemicals to clean the property, apart from the vacuum cleaner. If you prefer to provide your own material, please discuss it with your cleaner and contact them through your app SMS.


Other Products (Caregiver & Babysitter) 

Pro will bring there First Aid kit. If you have a special request, please email us at Contact Us - Urban Care You can also update your special requirements under special instructions during the booking. 


Service Priorities (Cleaner, Babysitter & Caregiver)

As you know, during the booking process you are selecting a number of hours based on your requirements. Discuss your priorities or leave your Pro a note. This will serve them as a guideline and clarify your expectations. You can also contact your cleaner via app, SMS or phone to ensure that no questions remain unanswered. 


Meet & Greet 

Ideally, you welcome your Pro in person at the first booking and discuss all your requirements in purchase hours. You may have unique requirements and expectations from your professionals. 



Payment will be held 24 hours prior to booking from your payment method of choice and will be charged on the same day after the completion of the service. If extra hours required for any service, the customer and Pro will inform the company and we will charge on the card. 



To ensure customer satisfaction we love to hear the feedback. You can rate and review your Pro after each service. If you have any serious consern, email send us an email at Contact Us - Urban Care