Starter Section?

How can UrbanCare make a difference in my life?

With this high level of experience, we skilfully match the right Pro expert with your specific needs. We organize the recruitment of applicants who are dedicated to this industry, and we then monitor the quality of our service. This is so you can leave the service to us while you get on with the things in life you’d rather be doing.

How is UrbanCare different then others ?

Our approaches this differently using technology to drive your needs into a system that allows you to book online or from your phone in 60 seconds, and be served by qualified independent Professionals that are always fully background checked, feedback monitored and insured. Consistency from individual Pro requires high training standards, and none of this works if there isn’t a functional flow of information for customers and workers alike. The difference is professionalism.

How to get ready for your service ?

Sit back and relax. Your request has been sent to Pro in your local area, as soon as they accept the job your booking is confirmed and you will receive an email notification. The Platform Message/call your Pro, manage your bookings, you can rate and review, see your booking details, payments. You can track your Pro via the app online. Access to your Home You can leave a special note at the time of booking how to access the property, where they can find keys, alarm code, pets at the prop...

Do I have to be at home during the clean?

This is up to you, however, we do recommend that you are there for the first booking at least. This allows you to meet your cleaner and to provide them with any special instructions regarding the clean. If you cannot be home for the first clean, kindly make sure to update the keys instructions, Access to property instructions during the booking under the special instruction notes section or pass it to the cleaner during on a clean day through text or call (You can use App for this purpose). A...

Do I have to be at home during Babysitting?

You have requested the baby sitter to have more free time for you, so you can focus on other things which are important to you We do encourage you to meet with your babysitter and represent themselves with the job and job requirements honestly and accurately Set the clear instructions and expectations for the babysitter in the purchased hours (e.g. house rules, playtime, bedtime) You can discuss your expectations if you have any expectations for them outside of the childcare role (eg. cleanin...

Do I have to be at home during Caregiver Visit?

This is up to you, however, we do recommend that you are there for the first booking at least. However, you can leave the instructions for your caregiver.

Can I leave my Pro a key?

You can leave a key at a safe place and keep a note at the time of booking, how to access the property and if any alarm code, do share that as well. UrbanCare doesn't get involved in key handling.