Promotions, referrals and Gift Cards

Where can I find my personal referral code?

Your referral code is sent to you by email when you register on the UrbanCare site. You are also able to view your referral code by signing into your UrbanCare account.

Can I refer a family/friend to use UrbanCare?

Your referral code will be sent to your email when you registered on the UrbanCare site.

Where can I add a promotional/ voucher code?

You can apply this during the booking process. There is a field to enter the Discounted code under the property address. You can see the change in booking summary on the right.

How to delete my account and remove my details from UrbanCare?

Please send your request to delete your data at Contact Us - Urban Care (

Why you required payment card details?

We required your payment card details at the time of booking. Whether you are paying for one-off or recurring service or are using a promotional code, we need to take your card details to ensure that any future service sessions can be paid for.

How many vouchers can I redeem per booking?

Only one voucher per booking can be applied. Each promotion will have the terms and conditions of use listed on the promotion.

Can I refer my current Pro to work for UrbanCare?

Yes, you can refer to Pro to join UrbanCare. Pro can register on our platform at Please note we do not accept CVs.

Charged the wrong amount on promotion code - can you help?

Please Contact Us - Urban Care (, so we can make the necessary adjustments to your booking.

When I booked my service online, I forgot to use my promotional code- how can I add it?

Please send us the promotional code through email at Please send us before the service and we will get this added on for you.

What do you do with my personal information and how is it stored?

Your information is safely secured on our servers for use only by UrbanCare. We will never sell your information to third parties. The only people that have your information are us, you and your Professionals. Please see our privacy page for more information.

How to gift a vouchers?

You can gift any service voucher to your family and friends. You can buy the gift on ( Standard hourly rates and T&C's apply.

Is my personal information safe with UrbanCare?

Your personal information is safely secured on our servers for use only by UrbanCare. We will never sell or share your information with third parties. Please see our privacy page for more information.