How Does Urban Care work?

What is UrbanCare?

A reliable and affordable platform in New Zealand that cares for you and your beloved. UrbanCare is an online platform that connects customers with an independent local's contractor. Using the UrbanCare platform, you can book the service within 60 seconds. All Professionals have successfully gone through a vetting process to ensure quality, peace of mind and insurance coverage against serious harm for our customers.

How UrbanCare booking process work?

In less than 60 seconds you can book the expected duration and the frequency of your services through our platform. After your booking has received on our platform, all available professionals in your local area will receive your request with booking information. As soon as professionals accept your request, you will receive an email and SMS with the booking confirmation. You can update leave a brief note on all your expectations and special requirements. Please note all service confirmati...

Terms and Conditions of UrbanCare service?

Please click to see the UrbanCare Terms and Conditions Please click to view the Privacy Policies

Are the professionals insured in case of damages?

You do not have to worry about the unlikely event of damage. UrbanCare terms and conditions, UrbanCare is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by you. However, we will assist facilitate communication between you and the professionals In completing the form below and submitting it to us, you acknowledge that you have no claim against UrbanCare and that your sole remedy is against the professionals. Please Contact Us - Urban Care (

Do you offer dry cleaning services?

UrbanCare offers only domestic clean, move out cleaning, carpet shampoo, babysitter and caregiver service in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch.

How to log in?

Click on the login in the top right corner of Log in with your email address and your password. If you forget your password please click on Forgot your password? ( Click on below link to create new password

Domestic help on your website?

We only connect you with local professionals through our platform.

How can I change my personal details and email address?

Please login to your UrbanCare account and you will be able to change your name, property address, and email, etc.

How do you differ from an agency?

UrbanCare is not a cleaning, caregiver or babysitter company but a platform to connect customers with self-employed and small businesses. Each Professional on our platform has been vetted, police checked and is insured. All Professionals have succeeded in a multi-level vetting process to ensure they are qualified and registered. In less than 60 seconds you can book a vetted and insured professional through All our customers are asked to submit a review after each ...

What can I expect from the UrbanCare platform?

In less than 60 seconds we connect you with local professionals who have been vetted and is insured. Due to health & safety reasons, we advise them, professionals, to refrain from using ladders with more than 2-3 steps and to avoid any potentially dangerous activities.

Why do I need a customer account and what booking frequencies do you offer?

When you make the first booking at the UrbanCare platform, your customer account automatically created. You will full access to see all past and future bookings through your customer portal account and can manage potential changes. You can choose as one-off service, monthly, weekly and bi-weekly options. You can cancel or reschedule your service if you have chosen a recurring booking. If you require different frequencies you can book several one-offs service ) e.g. twice a week, every day or e...

Does the cleaning service also include ironing and washing?

Ironing and laundry services are not part of our basic cleaning services. However, you can communicate and discuss any individual request with your professionals. You are free to ask for ironing services. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee those services and neither can we assume any responsibility for potential damages.

Want to keep up to date with UrbanCare?

Keep up to date by checking UrbanCare page.

Corporate services for cleaner and babysitter?

Corporate Services Connect your staff with trusted, verified babysitters and cleaners. Improve Productivity Employees are more productive when they are not stressed about who is looking after their children. Reduce Absenteeism Most absenteeism is due to child-related issues. Give your staff an emergency backup option for those days when regular care is unavailable. Increase Satisfaction Set your workplace apart from the competition by providing subsidized or discount...