Booking your professional?

You are not currently in my area ?

We are sorry we cannot provide you with Professionals just yet. Hopefully very soon! However, enter your details into our page Contact Us - Urban Care ( and provide us with your email address, and we will let you know when we are in your area.

Do I need to be home during the service?

No, but it is important to arrange a meeting with your professionals to discuss your needs at the service start time. Our professionals provide the best service when they completely understand your requirements and how to use your equipment. We find that an initial meeting will help make both you and your pro happy. If you are not going to be home during your house cleaning and babysitting service you need to arrange access to your home with your professionals. Keep a note at the time of booking...

How do I change my booking details before my job has been accepted?

You can update your personal details by logging into your UrbanCare account ( and click on the name and address and postcode.

Book extra add-ons like oven, window clean & fridge etc?

You can select extra addons like (oven, fridge or window cleaning ) and keep a note in the system

Not sure on Booking hours?

For Cleaning You may use our cleaning calculator which can help you decide on the duration for your booking. Simply select the number of hours as well as any extras you may need. The cleaning calculator will give you an estimation based on experience. It is recommended to use the calculator, you are most familiar with your property and cleaning requests, so do not hesitate to book for the time which you think is most suitable. If you still can’t decide, put your mind at ease. You may discuss...

Once I made a booking?

After placing a booking request, you will receive an email to confirm as soon as it been accepted by a professional. You can touch base with you pro via text or call through your app. Once the service is delivered, the system will charge on your card.

Issue making online booking ?

Try to ensure that you are using an up-to-date web browser and operating system. We process heaps of booking a month without any problem but occasionally things do go wrong. Get in touch with us by clicking on below link Contact Us - Urban Care (

For what times and days can I book a service?

All partners can offer their services via platform 7 days a week between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm No booking will accept on Public Holiday, However, if you have an emergency you can contact us via chat or phone. We will see what's the best we do for you.

Realistic basic Babysitter responsibilities?

A babysitter's responsibilities can include things like. Cooking/feeding. Performing light housekeeping. Doing laundry. Preparing bottles. changing diapers. Helping with homework. Making snacks. Getting kids Rady for bed. Playtime/lessons (reading to them, doing crafts, etc). Transporting kids (picking them up from school, etc).

How do I make an additional one-off booking with my current or a previous Professionals?

Login to your UrbanCare account, and click on Book now found at the top left -hand side of the page. Then request a new booking. You can create a booking while clicking on a booked appointment and leave a special instruction note if you need the same Professional or we can assign the job to new Pro as well. Once booking completed, your Professionals will receive your request and will get back to you confirming or requesting a change in date or time.

What type of equipment is included?

For Home Cleaning: Cleaners bring their own full kit of eco chemicals. If you want your cleaner to use your equipment or supplies that are no trouble, just add notes to your booking. We welcome you to provide your own equipment and chemicals as well. For Babysitter: Pro will bring there own First Aid kit for emergency purpose and of course big smile :) If you have any special requirements on supplies, don't hesitate to update in booking notes. For Caregiver: Pro will bring there own First...

Can my pet stay inside during service?

We definitely want your pets to be safe and happy as you are when the Professionals come to do the service so it is between you and your pro to decide on the best option.

What are the booking notes ?

The booking notes can be used for any kind of information you want to share regarding the service. All-Pro partners who will be on our platform will have access to the see notes. Please do not share any confidential information through notes. Once a Pro has accepted, you will be able to contact them through your app. Either you can call them or text them.

Next Day Booking?

Yes, you can make a booking for the next day. We will try to connect with our Pro partners in your local area and we will surely be able to set you up with one of them.

Minimum number of hours ?

For a clean, the minimum number of hours we can serve is 2.0 For a babysitter, the minimum number of hours we can serve is 20 For a caregiver, the minimum number of hours we can serve is 3.0

How do I book a Pro?

If you are a new customer, please click on and enter your details and select the service, date, duration, and frequency. The request is then sent out to Pro in your local area with the details of your job, and as soon as a Pro accepts you will receive an email notification of booking confirmed. Once booking accepted you will be able to discuss any issues or special requirements through the UrbanCare app.

Can I book on short-notice?

Please book your clean at least 24 hours in advance and note that bookings are subject to availability based on your area. If you need emergency service, you can contact us via chat.

What is included in a basic clean?

Please discuss your request with the cleaning partner as every property is unique. Below, is the checklist for a basic clean. For Bedroom dust all accessible areas, waste removal, wiping of surfaces and workspaces vacuuming/sweeping and mopping of all floors. making of beds (no changing of sheets and bedding). For Kitchen cleaning of workspaces, cleaning of the stove (outside), cleaning of the sink, dust of kitchen appliances (coffee maker, etc.) For Bathroom: cleaning of shower an...

Realistic All Non-Medical Caregiver Services responsibilities?

This includes activities that engage and enrich the physical, mental, social and emotional lives of seniors. UrbanCare visits can be as little or as long as you'd like. See some of our most popular services, and the average visit times below. HANDS-ON CARE LIFTING & TRANSFERRING Average Time: 15 Minutes BATHING Average Time: 40 Minutes DRESSING Average Time: 15 Minutes PERSONAL HYGIENE Average Time: 35 Minutes FEEDING Average Time: 45 Minutes HANDS-FREE CARE MEDICATION REMIN...